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Create Your Own Spooky Decorations for Halloween!

Lou Noire - DIY Halloween Decorations - Cemetery - Cover

Build Your Own Halloween Party – $9.99

For a proper Halloween party, there must be fun and spooky decorations! These small tombstones can be filled with candy and snacks, or you can simply place them on the table as decorations.

The small paper tombstones are easy to make, and here’s a guide that will walk you through the various steps in the process. You can find templates for the tombstones in the comprehensive party package DIY Halloween Decorations – Cemetery. The package costs $69.95, and once you’ve downloaded it, you can print as many tombstones as you like.

The package also includes some smaller decorative tombstones that can stand as decorations or serve as holders for the ghosts included in the package. You’ll also get many other fun items in the large Halloween decoration package, including place cards, a coffin, bats for a garland, a skeleton hand, buffet cards, and an invitation to the Halloween party. Learn more about the package here: DIY Halloween Decorations – Cemetery

What You Need to Make a Tombstone for Halloween

To print a template for one of the small tombstones, you’ll need a printer with a color cartridge and printer paper. Of course, you’ll also need the templates themselves! You can find them here: DIY Halloween Decorations – Cemetery

Once you’ve printed a template, you’re ready to assemble the tombstones. For that, you’ll need:

  • A good, small pair of scissors
  • A glue stick
  • Optional: a ruler to make folds

Now, let’s make tombstones!

How to Assemble the Tombstone Boxes

Start by cutting out the tombstones. Fold the box by following the instructions. Feel free to use a ruler to fold the edges around. Apply glue to the triangular white flaps, but not to the rectangular flaps. The box should be able to open if you want to use it for snacks.

Put snacks or candy in the box and close it. Feel free to use a piece of clear tape to prevent the box from opening. Alternatively, you can simply glue the box together and let it adorn the table.

How to Assemble the Decorative Tombstones

In the package, there are also six different tombstones that can create a spooky atmosphere. You can’t put candy in them, but they’re easy to assemble, and you can use them as both table decorations and around the house.

These tombstones are incredibly easy to assemble. Cut them out and fold the small strip at the ends. Attach it at the bottom on both sides. You can also use the tombstones as holders for the ghosts included in the package.

Fun Games for a Halloween Party

At Lou Noire, you also get plenty of ideas for fun games for a Halloween party. Everyone can join in for a game of Halloween Bingo or a round of Halloween Charades. In the set with the 8 Frightfully Fun Games for Halloween, there are plenty of entertaining games and activities for the spooky Halloween party, including horror stories, treasure hunts, and amusing party games. Learn more about each game by clicking on the images.

All Halloween party games come in a PDF file, which you can download instantly. Afterward, they’re easy to print – and then you’re all set for the fun games and activities. See the other fun Halloween games – click here!

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