The Big Bachelorette Party Quiz Show


Get ready for an exciting bachelorette celebration featuring a fun & lively quiz show! Prepare for engaging questions about the Bride and Groom, along with all things wedding-related! Who will emerge victorious by earning the most points and triumph in the quiz?

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Celebrate the Bride with the Bachelorette Quiz Show!

The Bachelorette Quiz Show has 30 entertaining and romantic questions suitable for brides of all types. With six engaging categories such as “The Bride,” “The Groom” and “The Beginning” participants are in for a fun celebration of the bride. Expect humorous responses from the bride and a cheerful atmosphere throughout the game!

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What’s Included?

The Quiz comprises six diverse categories, featuring 30 questions revolving around the bride, groom, and popular wedding traditions. Detailed game instructions accompany the questions, all neatly packaged in a PDF format for easy download and printing. Please note that the PDF file is not editable.

Here’s how you do it!

Upon receiving the quiz in your email inbox, ensure optimal printing quality by downloading and saving the PDF file to your computer. Print the PDF file in color on A4 / US Letter copy paper. Tips for easy printing!

Cut out the quiz cards containing categories and questions, then fold them neatly in half. Arrange these cards on a bulletin board in rows, with the categories prominently displayed at the top. If a bulletin board isn’t available, simply place the cards on a table with the questions facing the teams.

Select a quizmaster who will also serve as the judge. Participants form teams, and the bride is equipped with a pad and pen. In four of the categories, it’s the bride who will confirm the correctness of answers.

Teams take turns selecting categories and difficulty levels, like “The Bride for 300 points.” The quizmaster presents the question, and if the team responds correctly, they earn points and retain their turn. Now, one of the other teams may try to guess the correct answer. If they guess correctly, this team gets the points and may choose a new question.

The winning team is the team with the most points when all questions have been answered and the points distributed. Don’t forget to bring prizes!

Additional info about the Bachelorette Party Quiz

Title: The Big Bachelorette Party Quiz Show – Author: Lou Noire – Publisher: Pretty Page – Published: 2024 – Filetype: PDF – 12 pages

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