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The Perfect Bachelorette Party for Nature Enthusiasts

Arranging a bachelorette party for a bride who adores the great outdoors opens up a world of delightful activities and experiences. For the bride-to-be who’d prefer hiking and sleeping under the stars to dancing the night away at a bar, here’s some inspiration for outdoor bachelorette party activities.

Consider surprising the nature-loving bride with a carefully curated packing list. While she packs hiking boots, swimwear, and a sleeping bag, prepare for a night or two under the open sky. Load up the car with tents, campfire pans for pancakes or sausages, and a blanket to keep warm with under the stars. Now, it’s time to head out into nature!

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Activities for the Nature-Loving Bride

For the bride who relishes being outdoors, consider fulfilling a dream or two. Whether it’s a mountain hike she’s yet to conquer, the canoe trip she’s always talked about, or a mini horseback riding camp, help her realize those desires.

Like any other bachelorette party, costumes and tiaras are welcome, but they might not be the focus here. A bachelorette party for someone who simply loves nature doesn’t have to be full of dressing-up, but make sure to create plenty of fond memories for her big day.

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Great Ideas for an Outdoor Bachelorette Party

For your nature-loving friend, here are suggestions for enjoyable activities and fun experiences:

An Uncomplicated Bachelorette Party

The big day can easily involve plenty of wild outdoor experiences: rappelling, kayaking, UV fishing, tree climbing or orienteering. But perhaps the bride just wants a quiet and uncomplicated hike, with plenty of time to chat and drink wine during the breaks. You know her best, and maybe she’d love a bit of everything!

Sleeping in Shelters

The bachelorette trip can last just a few hours—or you can take a tent and camp out in the wild. If you don’t want to carry heavy gear, you can book a shelter or cabin. After arriving at the campsite and dropping off your gear, the site can serve as the starting point for the rest of the bachelorette party.

Taste the Nature

Part of her bachelorette party could also include a relaxing fishing trip or foraging for edible plants and herbs. Use apps or books to identify food in nature’s vast pantry. Make it a treasure hunt for the bride-to-be, where she has to find specific plants. Avoid eating plants you’re not familiar with, as they could be toxic. Also, have a backup plan for the evening’s bonfire with pancake batter and sausages.

Sing Along!

When the embers of the fire glow, it’s time for a little song! Prepare a songbook in advance with all the bride’s favorite tunes and remember to bring a guitar. Marshmallows and Irish Coffee are a must!

Create a Memory Book

The bride will love a photo book filled with memories from the wonderful outdoor bachelorette party. One or more of the bachelorette party guests ensure photos are taken. Complete the book for the wedding and present it as an extra gift.

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