Halloween Quiz for Kids


It’s going to be a spooky Halloween with the fun quiz! Get ready for a bunch of entertaining questions about pumpkins, witches, and monsters – basically, all things Halloween! So, which team gets the most points and wins the quiz?

Digital download – ready to print!


A Fun Halloween Quiz

Get ready for a spooktacular adventure with our entertaining Halloween quiz for kids! Delight in a mix of puzzling questions, bewitching facts, and eerie riddles that will test your Halloween knowledge. Whether you’re a seasoned trick-or-treater or new to the spooky scene, this quiz promises fun and thrills!

The quiz has 6 spooktacular categories:

  • Critter Crew
  • Brainteasers
  • What’s that
  • Halloween
  • Monsters
  • Superstitions

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Suitable for…

The quiz is suitable for preschoolers and younger kids who already know and love Halloween, but still are learning about Halloween traditions. The quiz is filled with engaging questions and serves as a fun way to discover more about this amusing and spooky holiday.

What you’ll get

The package includes 6 different categories with a total of 30 Halloween questions, as well as game instructions and answer sheet. The quiz is designed in PDF format and is ready to download and print. The PDF file cannot be edited.

Here’s how you do it!

Add the product to your Cart and proceed to Checkout. Complete your purchase – and then check your email inbox, as the game comes in a PDF file. To get the best printing results, download the PDF file and save it to your computer. The PDF file cannot be edited.

Print out the quiz on A4 / US Letter copy paper. Tips for easy printing! Cut out the categories and questions, and fold the cards in half. Place the cards on a table, with the questions facing the host, or pin them up on a board using thumbtacks. The teams should only be able to see the categories and point cards.

Select a quiz master, who will also act as the judge. The participants are divided into 2-4 teams. Team 1 selects a category and difficulty level, i.e. “Halloween for 300 points.” The host asks the question, and if the team can answer, they earn the points on the card and keep their turn.

If the team can’t answer, they lose their turn – but no points are deducted. Now, one of the other teams gets a chance to guess the correct answer. If they guess correctly, this team earns the points and gets to choose a new question.

The winning team is the one with the most points when all the questions are answered and the points are distributed across the different categories. Remember fun prizes!

Additional info about the Halloween Quiz

Title: Halloween Quiz for Kids – Author: Lou Noire – Publisher: Pretty Page – Published: 2023 – Filetype: PDF – 12 pages

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