About Lou Noire

Who and what is Lou Noire?

On a cold winter day in 2018, I made my first coupon book. It’s the one with lots of love and hearts, which you can see below. Once I had made the first coupons, I just had to continue – with so many ideas, and so little time!

Since then I have made numerous coupon books and also party games for all occasions. There is always something new on the roll, so please tag along on my Instagram profile, LouNoire.com.

Lou Noire & Trine Toft

Trine Toft – the woman behind Lou Noire

And because I know, you’re too polite to ask: My name is Trine Toft, I was originally trained as a librarian and run this fun little word shop in beautiful Svendborg, Denmark, Scandinavia.

The things that make life worth living!

Lou Noire was created to give a voice to my alter ego, the lovely Lou Noire, and to create a platform where I could give life to the many ideas in my head. In addition to the coupon books and games, I write about all the things that make life worth living. So don’t miss the articles about pinup dresses, cocktails and all the other things, that can add a bit of glitter to your day!

A coupon book for every occasion

However, Lou Noire is still best known for the fun coupon books – the gift that keeps on giving! The pretty coupon books are a sweet and personal gift, and I intend to make one for every small or big occasion in life; birthdays, anniversaries or Mother’s Day.

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If you have any questions, please send a message to Lou at fun@lounoire.com or via the contact form.
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