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Hot Chocolate: Hazy Hazelnut

Hot chocolate with hazelnut – perfect for a hazy winter day! The hot chocolate with a taste of hazelnut is perfect for a foggy winter day, where even the birds are quiet. For a Hazy Hazelnut, use a nut syrup that gives the good taste of hazelnut. How much syrup you want to use depends on your sweet tooth and how well you like the taste of hazelnut: 2 cl: Gives your hot chocolate a…

Some Good Advice for the First Date

The perfect first date The first date may well be a slightly awkward experience. It takes some effort and a large amount of small talk to get to know someone from scratch. But just relax and be yourself. On a first date, all you have to do is to be kind and accommodating. Have fun, let go of any expectations and keep your mind on the date. Make eye contact, smile and listen to what…

Irish Coffee – a Perfect Dessert

Irish Coffee – a wonderful dessert! Irish Coffe is the perfect dessert after the meal, where you don’t have room for ice cream or cake, but still desire something sweet. The beloved coffee drink with the lovely whiskey taste and freshly whipped cream can easily replace a dessert after a big dinner. Here you get the best recipe for the beloved coffee drink! Where does Irish Coffee come from? As the name implies, of course,…

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