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What should you pack for a romantic picnic?

Invite your sweetheart for a romantic picnic and look forward to a wonderful day together! A romantic picnic doesn’t have to be a complicated affair at all. Simply head out to the nearest park and enjoy a sandwich, while you just listen and look the other deep in the eyes. This alone can provide plenty of new gasoline for the bonfire of love.

Would you like to make an extra effort in making a really romantic picnic, perhaps as a surprise for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary? Please read on where you’ll get plenty of inspiration for what to pack in the picnic basket.

A lovely day out with the picnic basket

Of course, a romantic lunch in the great outdoors includes food and drink. Whatever the occasion, a picnic requires a little thought, so you don’t pack too much or too little. Even though you tend to eat more in the open, don’t pack more than you can carry – and eat!

Most importantly is a large blanket where you can cuddle up and whisper sweet words to each other. You can also bring pillows and an extra blanket to cover up later on, when lying under the quiet starry night.

Picnic basket ideas

Do not pack food that is too difficult to eat and requires a shower afterwards. Bring small nibbles and finger food, preferably stored into small containers or jars. Also remember small bowls or plates for serving.

The contents of a romantic picnic basket could maybe be:

  • Small pies – baked in a heart shaped pie mold
  • Small sandwich – cut out in a heart shape
  • Heart shaped mini pizzas
  • Heart shapes cookies
  • Cheese cut out in heart shapes – served with ham
  • Muffins with pink glaze or frosting
  • Strawberries dipped in chocolate
  • Raspberries skewers
  • Small heart shaped chocolates

If you get hungry later, you can treat your love with a pink smoothie or a rhubarb trifle, served in a small glass jar.

Drinks for a romantic picnic

Of course, you can bring the usual bottle of wine or beer and soda. But if you go all in on the pink theme, pack a bottle of rosé wine, rhubarb juice or a sparkling, pink cocktail.

Also remember glasses, that don’t easily break. If you are planning on serving wine or bubbles, please bring plastic glasses with stems. Pro tip: Bottles wrapped in wet newspapers stay cold for a long time.

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