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Lou Noire - 52 fun and romantic dates for couples - Cover

52 fun and romantic dates for couples – $4.99

Craft Your Own Dating Jar – Filled with Love and Excitement

In a busy daily life, finding time to nurture your relationship is vital. A fantastic way to do this is by making a personalized dating jar filled with thrilling and romantic couple’s dates. In this DIY project you’ll only need a cute jar, the PDF file containing the 52 fun and romantic dates for couples, and a pair of scissors. Here’s a guide to creating your own dating jar:

What do you need for your Dating Jar?

1. A cute jar or box: Choose a jar that resonates with you and reflects your relationship. It could be anything from a vintage-style glass jar to an elegant little box.

2. The PDF file 52 fun and romantic dates for couples – available by clicking the link. The PDF is only $4.99 and is full of ideas for romantic and fun couple’s adventures.

3. Scissors: Just a regular pair of scissors for cutting paper.

4. Optional decorations for giving your date jar a personal touch.

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Lou Noire - 52 fun and romantic dates for couples - Dating JarStep-by-step guide:

1. Buy and download the PDF file. Click the link here: 52 fun and romantic dates for couples. Download the PDF file and save it on your computer.

2. Print the file in color on standard letter / A4 paper. Cut out all the wonderful dates and use the blank coupons to add more romantic adventures.

3. Fold up all the date ideas. Alternatively, roll them up and tie a piece of string around them. Place them in the jar so they’re ready to be drawn one by one.

4. Give the date jar the final romantic touch. Put balls of pink tissue paper inside, as shown in the picture, or perhaps a couple of heart-shaped candies. Add a ribbon around the lid and decorate the jar with stickers or paint.

Date nights for couples

Now you’re ready to dive into a year full of exciting and fun ideas for couple’s date nights. Give the jar as a sweet and romantic gift and arrange with your partner when to have your first couple’s date.

You can either opt to have a designated couple’s day every week or be spontaneous and draw a date whenever it fits your schedule. However, it’s best to plan the couple’s date in advance to ensure it doesn’t get lost in the midst of daily chores. As for what your date night will bring, well, it’s up to the dating jar to decide!

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