Advent Calendar In Black & White


Are you gearing up to create your very own homemade advent calendar and find yourself searching for Christmas-themed boxes to stash all those delightful gifts? Putting together the 24 boxes and bags can be an enjoyable activity, and the chic holiday design will beautifully complement any household decor!

Digital download – ready to print!


24 Christmas Boxes for an Advent Calendar

Are you about to dive into creating your very own homemade advent calendar and need some small Christmas boxes to store all the wonderful gifts in? The 24 boxes and bags are fun to assemble and are just right for you if you love holiday crafting. These Christmas boxes add a charming touch to adorning an advent calendar and can even be used to hold items like the various coupon books from Lou Noire.

What you’ll get

After completing your purchase, you’ll receive 24 pre-numbered boxes in 6 different sizes (five boxes and one bag), which you can fill with small gifts and sweet messages. The boxes feature a sleek black and white design.

The Advent Calendar is easy to make and step-by-step instructions are included. The boxes are designed in PDF and ready to print and cut out. The PDF file is noneditable. The festive glitter twine can be purchased online.

Here’s how you do it!

Add the product to your Cart and proceed to Checkout. Complete your purchase – and then check your email inbox! Download the PDF file and turn on your printer. Print the boxes on A4 paper. Tips for easy printing!

Follow the instructions when assembling the boxes and bags and add a small gift to each before closing it. Arrange the boxes on a tray, use them as a Christmas decoration or surprise your favourite colleague with a daily countdown to Christmas.

Additional info about the Christmas Calendar

Title: Advent Calendar In Black & White – Author: Lou Noire – Publisher: Pretty Page – Published: 2023 – Filetype: PDF – 26 pages

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