Christmas Bingo


Let the Christmas joy unfold with a round of bingo, perfect for both kids and adults! This game combines fun and festivities as traditional bingo numbers are replaced by cheerful images that symbolize the holiday spirit. From jolly Santas to twinkling lights, the bingo game promises laughter and excitement for all.

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Christmas Bingo – A Fun Family Activity

Dive into the captivating world of Christmas Bingo, a joyful cross-generational activity. This playful twist on a timeless game swaps regular numbers for charming images embodying the holiday spirit. Mark off ornaments, gingerbread men, and snowflakes on your cards as excitement fills the air.

Whether you’re a young player enthusiastically identifying symbols or a parent cherishing the festive atmosphere, this Christmas Bingo experience brings families together. It effortlessly fosters laughter and a merry connection, creating a special moment in the midst of loved ones. Brace yourselves for an extraordinary round of bingo that captures the holiday magic!

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What you’ll get

The Christmas Bingo game includes 8 different bingo cards, 1 call sheet with 35 game pieces and instructions for the game. The bingo game is designed in PDF and is ready to download and print. The PDF file is noneditable.

Here’s how you do it!

Add the product to your Cart and proceed to Checkout. Complete your purchase – and then check your email inbox, as the bingo game comes in a PDF file.

Print the bingo cards and call sheet in color on A4 / US Letter copy paper. Tips for easy printing! Optionally stick them onto cardboard or laminate them for multiple uses. Cut out the call sheet and place the pieces into a jar or bowl.

A caller is chosen and the players are each handed a bingo card and 25 bingo chips to cover the images as they are drawn. The caller draws one image at a time and announces it.

The first player to complete a row, either vertically or horizontally, and to shout out “BINGO!”, wins a price. Continue playing until someone gets a diagonal row; after that, the game goes on until a full card is called. Don’t forget to bring prizes!

Additional info about Christmas Bingo

Title: Christmas Bingo – Author: Lou Noire – Publisher: Pretty Page – Published: 2023 – Filetype: PDF – 11 pages

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