DIY Paper Advent Calendar – Cable Car


With the festive cable car, you can create the cutest Christmas landscape. The gondolas can hold many delightful surprises. Maybe there is a puzzle with 24 clues, small gifts or delicious treats? It’s definitely going to be a fun Christmas!

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DIY Christmas Christmas Scene

Cable car, Funicular, Seilbahn, Téléphérique, Teleférico, Gondola, Gondeln, Ski Lift, and Cableway…

Everywhere you go in the world, they have these fun cable cars! Coming from a flat country without mountains, I’m captivated by this mode of travel. Whenever the opportunity arises, I can’t resist riding a cable car. My passion for cable cars sparked the creation of this enjoyable advent calendar.

NB! The gondalas require a bit of crafting, so start early. But I promise you, it will be fun… also, given my year-round devotion to crafting and making Advent calendars, I might not be the right person to ask. But I really enjoyed assembling it! 😀

Advent calendar & Winter Wonderland

The cable car can be used as both an advent calendar or as part of a charming Christmas landscape – or even both. Whether you choose to place gifts in the small gondolas or not, the cable car is an adorable Christmas decoration! Each gondola has its own festive designs that you can spend a long time admiring.

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How to Create a Winter Wonderland

If you have young adventurers at home, make sure to hang the cable car at a safe height. Below it, create a charming Christmas landscape with various elements meant for playful exploration. Enhance the scene with elves, tiny ski slopes, and miniature houses.

Consider adding a small mirror that transforms into a serene pond when surrounded by fluffy cotton “snow”.

A Fun Christmas Activity

There’s something new to see in each gondola, all featuring different designs. As you enjoy the beautiful cable car, you can also have fun counting how many dogs are making their way up the mountain. And can you also spot all the presents? And the reindeer? And where might Santa Claus be hiding?

Crafting an Advent Calendar

As a cute packaging for an Advent calendar, the cable car is just perfect! Each day leading up to Christmas, one of the small gondolas is opened, revealing new surprises. To make opening the gondola easy, you can seal it with a small sticker (not included).

Because the calendar is made of paper, it does have some limitations on what it can contain. In short, it’s better to fill it with popcorn rather than chocolate bars and Dollar bills rather than coins.

What you’ll get

In the package with the small cable car, you’ll find templates for 24 gondolas as well as trees in two sizes and mountains for the background. The complete gondola measurements are: height: 4.5 cm – 10 with the hanger, length: 5 cm, and width: 3.5 cm. The gondolas are numbered from 1 to 24 and feature unique and different designs.

The cable car is designed in PDF and ready to download and print. The PDF file is noneditable.

Here’s how you do it!

Add the product to your Cart and proceed to Checkout. Complete your purchase – and then check your email inbox! Download the PDF file and turn on your printer. Print the boxes in color on A4 paper. Tips for easy printing!

Cut out the 24 gondolas and fold them according to the instructions. Find a single long piece or multiple shorter pieces of string (not included). Attach the gondolas in numerical order. Create a cozy Christmas landscape for the cable car with mountains and trees – and any other festive holiday decorations you may have.

With a bit of care and proper packing, the cable car can be used year after year. If one of the gondolas gets a little dent, you can just print a new one.

Additional info about the Cable Car

Title: DIY Paper Advent Calendar – Cable Car – Author: Lou Noire – Publisher: Pretty Page – Published: 2023 – Filetype: PDF – 32 pages

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