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Say yes to each other once again on your anniversary

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An anniversary is a very special day, where you take the time to plan something special. It is on this day that you celebrate your love for each other: Now you have had another amazing year in each other’s company. For some couples, it can be enough to just have the time to be close, eat out and maybe go to the cinema and cuddle in the dark.

Other couples confirm their joy for each other with making new memorable adventures. Still, other many years together it can be a challenge to come up with something new to do together year after year. Here is a list of good ideas for how you can celebrate your anniversary together and plan a magical day for your loved one.

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6 ways you can celebrate the perfect anniversary

1. First of all, it does not have to be expensive

True love and attention to the other is after all the best gift you can give. Turn off the phones and enjoy a full day without any interruptions. Go for a walk to the place where you met each other. Pack a basket with wine and small, edible surprises and have a picnic in the great outdoors. Put a padlock on a bridge and throw the key away as a sign that your love shall last forever.

2. Go to the spa and get a couples massage

There are many beautiful wellness hotels, where you can check in and relax together.

3. Go on an adventure together

Book a hotel for a mini-break, maybe even just for one night if you struggle getting a sitter for the kids. Take a walk through the city, find a cocktail bar and have a 5 o’clock drink before heading back to the hotel to “get changed” for dinner. Or how about trying something completely new: a trip in a hot air balloon, a hike only with a backpack and a tent or maybe a tango class.

Lou Noire - Love Coupons - Cover4. Make your own drive-in cinema

Is the garden spacious enough to set up a movie screen? Then it’s just a matter of popping the popcorns and get the car seat in position for a really good movie.

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5. Write a love letter to each other

Think back on the year that has passed and share your thoughts with your loved one. You can write about all the good things that have happened: how he makes you feel, everything you like about him, or whatever else you just want to share with him. Seal it with a kiss.

6. Give an anniversary gift that will be remembered

This is not about money, but about giving a gift that fits your loved one’s dreams and desires.

Treat your loved one to something special!

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