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What is the best gift for The Day of Hearts?

Is it little heart-shaped cards, chocolates or maybe a glittering, golden ring, women look forward to on Valentine’s Day? No, you’re not even close! Those things would be a nice gift, but they’re not what makes The Day of Love so special.

But what is it that makes this day such a big day for many women? It’s not the size of the gift or the sweet words on the cards that makes her cheeks blush and her heart beat a little faster:

“It’s the extra thought. That the one you care for would do just anything to make you happy on this special day.”

In other words, Valentine’s Day is all about the joy of expectation, that on this day there will be a little extra love and attention…

So, what does a woman really want for Valentine’s Day?

When February 14th has passed, the cards are read, and the roses have begun to fade, it may feel a bit empty on top of all the pampering. If there’s one thing many women could wish for, it is that all the extra attention wouldn’t end at midnight.

The extra attention should last forever, spread out over all other days of the year. That a gray Wednesday in March would magically turn into a romantic dinner with candles – and rose petals on the bed. A delicate set of lingerie, gifted on the day before the important meeting. An “I love you” on a note in your lunch box.

So, here’s the secret to the best gift: What women really want is for every day of the year to be a Valentine’s Day!

Make every day into a day full of love!

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