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Do you miss your last vacation?

The vacation wibe usually only lasts until you’re back home, once again stepping into the hamster wheel. The feeling of freedom and happiness of being filled with new impressions is replaced by the usual routines and a 9 to 5 job. You are suffering from the post-holiday blues, and as it turns out, there is only one thing that can lighten up the sadness a little, and that is a new holiday.

But stop right there, because it doesn’t have to be like that! You can easily take at least some of the vacation wibe home and let it breathe new life into the daily routines. Here, you can read about how to turn everyday life into a vacation!

Why do you miss the vacation wibe?

Before we get started on all the great tips, take some time to think about what makes you happy, when you are on a holiday. What makes it so special to be on a vacation compared to being at home?

On vacations we have the time to be get connected and really to be really close to each other. There is time to talk about something else but just what’s for dinner and the car needing a tire change. On vacations we are open to new adventures; we see, taste and hear new things. The big, open world, where anything is possible, is all in all a reminiscent of being young again.

It is also during a vacation that we usually tend to wear all the nice clothes that may not just fit in at work. As a tourist we pamper ourselves more: get a massage on the beach, order the frothy, pink cocktails and eat whatever we feel like – whenever we feel like it.

On the whole, it is that pleasurable attitude to life that gives the feeling of being … alive. When life is approached by a “What do I actually want?” and not a “What’s the next item on the TO DO list?”, then everything just gets a little more fun!

Bring back the vacation wibe!

It is possible to bring that wonderful feeling of freedom back home, for the everyday life and also for working life. Your boss may not get as excited as the rest of the team if you start shaking yourself a piña colada up for lunch, but it is easy to have just a little more fun at work.

Instead of just packing the glitter top for the vacation, do wear it for a festive day at the office. Decorate the desk with a picture from the holiday or of something else that makes you happy. Play a Pacific wave soundtrack in the headphones or read the important documents to the sound of the greatest holiday hits.

Working life does not have to be a valley of the shadows, where time is spent waiting for the next day off. Your work, in fact, like the holidays, must be filled to the brim with fun and pampering, because that is where we need to be at our best. So remember to treat yourself at work. Add that extra sugar to the coffee. Surprise yourself with new flavors and textures in your packed lunch. Try to make new and better work habits. Take half a day off to go to the hairdresser or get your nails done – or just to sleep in if you need to.

Maybe you should just listen to your needs?

But what if you love vacations so much because they basically give you a break from a life you can no longer endure? If, in fact, you have a life that is in no way suitable for you and who you are, then maybe it’s time you spend one of your vacations figuring out how to change it.

Is it possible for you to work less hours, freeing more time to travel or just being you? Or would you rather do something else? Do you want to work somewhere else, learn a new skill or become self-employed? The possibilities are endless, but it is up to you to make the decision.

Take a service check on your routines

Before you completely change your life and replace the detached house with a bamboo hut in an organic beach community, start by looking at your everyday life. Is it the hamster wheel with its perpetual packed lunches-work-parenting-meeting-dinner-TV that you can’t stand?

Maybe you can skip some of the routines. In a family with small children, lots of structure and planning is necessary, but if 3-year-olds are not a part of your everyday life, then why should you eat dinner every day at 5.30pm? Why not just as well swing by by the supermarket for the ingredients to a spontaneous picnic with your spouse or best friend?

In reality, the holiday wibe is about allowing yourself time to listen to the small and big desires inside you – and to act on them. Maybe you do not need to change your whole life – maybe life would like you to say a little more YES to yourself?

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