Kids DIY Halloween Party Decorations


Welcome to the thrilling Kids DIY Halloween Party Decorations pack! Prepare to explore a world of spooky creativity with a wide array of templates. From eerie snack coffins to adorable haunted houses, this kit ensures endless fun, offering hauntingly delightful decorations for the little ones to enjoy. Let the Halloween festivities begin!

Digital download – ready to print!


Hauntingly Fun Halloween Party

Get into the Halloween spirit and create your spooktacular party! In the fun party pack you can choose between hanging bats and witch hats from the ceiling or adorning the entire house with ghost garlands. From sending out invitations to decorating cakes and placing vampire candy fangs in coffins, this party is sure to be a thrilling success! Don’t forget the snacks in the haunted houses, witch hats, garlands, and LED lights to set the eerie ambiance. Let the Halloween festivities begin!

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What you’ll get

The pack includes fun decorations and spooky ornaments for a children’s Halloween party. You’ll receive:

  • An invitation to the party
  • Place cards and/or buffet cards in four different colors
  • Coffin template
  • Spooky paper lanterns in four different designs
  • 12 cake topper designs
  • Witch hat template
  • Ghost, bat, and pumpkin for garland

The DIY Halloween party decor pack is designed in PDF format and is ready to download and print. The PDF file cannot be edited.

What you’ll need

For assembling the Halloween decorations, you will need: scissors, glue stick, and optionally a ruler – as well as materials for hanging the decorations, such as needles and thread, tape, and a piece of string. These are not included in the pack.

For the spooky paper lanterns, do not use regular candles. Instead, use electric LED tea lights, which you can find at all major supermarkets or by doing a Google search.

Here’s how you do it!

Add the product to your Cart and proceed to Checkout. Complete your purchase – and then check your email inbox! Download the file and turn on your printer.

Before you start printing, take a look at all the different templates and decide on the theme for your Halloween party. Whether it’s bats and witch hats hanging from the ceiling or other spooky elements, print the required templates in color on A4 / US Letter copy paper. Tips for easy printing! Get your scissors and glue stick ready.

Carefully cut out the templates and assemble them. Now, you’re all set to build your own Halloween party: send out the invitations, fill in the table and buffet cards, decorate the cupcakes, place candies in the coffins, and snacks in the houses. Don’t forget to hang up witch hats and garlands and add LED candles to the tea lights. Your spooktacular Halloween party is ready to begin!

Additional info about the fun decorations for the Halloween party

Title: Kids DIY Halloween Party Decorations – Author: Lou Noire – Publisher: Pretty Page – Published: 2023 – Filetype: PDF – 17 pages

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