Bachelorette Party Garland


Celebrate the Bride-to-Be with this fun DIY bachelorette party garland. Choose your own the design and decorate with a classic and romantic garland – or maybe a naughty penis banner!

Digital download – ready to print!


Design your very own bachelorette decoration!

A fun and festive garland for the bachelorette party! Celebrate the Bride-to-Be and choose a design, that will make her cry – from joy or with laughter. Is she a classic “hearts and romance”-girl or would she appreciate a room full of happy penis garlands? You can pick, mix and match as you like with this fun DIY party garland!

The party decoration is designed in PDF and is ready to download and print. The PDF file is noneditable.

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What you’ll get

The set contains 9 letters spelling the word “BRIDE TO BE” as well as 5 icons: penis, heart, diamond, kisses and wedding rings. The individual flags measure 17.5 x 21.5 cm. The DIY hen party garland is designed in PDF and is ready to download and print. A fun way to celebrate the big day coming up!

Here’s how you do it!

Add the product to your Cart and proceed to Checkout. Complete your purchase – and then check your email inbox! Download the PDF file and turn on your printer.

Choose a design for the bachelorette party banner: “BRIDE TO BE”, elegant hearts or a Willy garland? You decide!

Before printing, select the letters and icons needed for the garland. Print the hot pink and black flags in color on A4 / US Letter copy paper. Tips for easy printing! Let them dry completely before cutting them out. Optional: Add a finishing touch by gluing the flags onto fitted pieces of cardboard.

Fold the top white flap over a piece of string, apply glue to the flap and stick it to the back of the flag. Hang it on a wall or over the party table – and now you are ready to party!

Additional info about the Bachelorette Party Garland

Title: Bachelorette Party Garland – Author: Lou Noire – Publisher: Pretty Page – Published: 2023 – Filetype: PDF – 16 pages

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