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How to send a dirty text message

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Naughty and indecent text messages can be a fun part of the sexual foreplay. Lovemaking isn’t just something that only starts when you are already naked and in bed. A long foreplay that stretches throughout the day, sometimes over several weeks, with suggestive messages back and forth and frisky phone calls, can start a fire in your heart that only a steamy hot evening can put out. When you finally meet, and all the hot promises are to be fulfilled, then you are completely and utterly ready!

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Text messages that ignite your lust

A naughty text message can, when worded correctly, leave the recipient with a hunger for more… and more. This is how sexting work when done the right way. Preferably, the texts should make you blush and giggle, but not make you gag. Sexting is being subtle, yet promiseful at the same time.

In the art of sexting, or dirty texting, there is a thin line between being sexy and outright vulgar, and your messages should preferably not sound as if they were borrowed from a porn magazine. An effective naughty message is personal and delicate and contains only allusions to what you already know: The next time you see each other, you better be ready for a crazy night!

Sexting – what do you write?

The teasing messages are an artform, and maybe not something learnt right away. If you don’t know what to answer to a text message, a risky photo, taken quickly under the skirt or at bedtime, can just as well illustrate the joy of anticipation, it arises in you.

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Slowly, you can also practice telling about your deepest desires. In a text message, you have a space to express some of the wishes for your next adventure together that you would otherwise never dare to say out loud. Are you lost for ideas then tell your lover, in detail, what is going to happen the next time you meet. As you become more courageous, the messages can become somewhat more creative and explicit, which will probably make the receiver beg for more.

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Are you ready to start sexting?

…but do you pause with the phone in your hand wandering what to write? Maybe these naughty text message suggestions can help you along the way:

10 text messages that sets the spirit

  1. How about spending all day in bed with me?
  2. I’ll be wearing my shortest skirt tonight…
  3. Tomorrow you’ll have to do everything I say
  4. What am I wearing? Nothing…
  5. Thinking about what we did yesterday, really turns me on – again…
  6. I’m naked. See you?
  7. I want to kiss you… all over
  8. I have nothing on under my dress…
  9. Would you like me to send you a “photo”?
  10. I’ve been thinking about you all day… and what I’m going to do to you!

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