How to Show a Man That You’re Interested May 25, 2020 – Posted in: Dating – Tags: , , ,

Show him that you want him!

If you are interested in a man, you must tuck away your shyness and show him that you want him. Since men often don’t see the small signs of you being interested, then you need to be more obvious than you may be comfortable with. Even though you may think that you are exaggerating your flirting, there is no guarantee that he perceives you as being interested at all.

Men just need more time to get in gear

If you should ever ask the men you have previously dated or been in a relationship to, it will possible be only a small percentage of them who in the beginning had any idea that you were crazy about them. Men, as do women, prefer to get have it spelled out when it comes to love, because most of the time we simply do not see the signs. So, if you are interested, then show it!

If you love a man, don’t give up until you are sure he has understood that you want something more than just a random conversation about the weather. It’s not enough to give him a hint, being “Wow, I’m gonna be so bored this weekend, because my friend has unfortunately fallen ill, and we had planned to see this amazing new war movie, and now I have no one to take to the cinema”. Men are not mind readers, and if you want to invite him to the cinema, you can just ask him if he wants to go. It doesn’t have to be difficult.

Are you interested – show it!

If you are interested, show it. Do not downplay your enthusiasm or interest. One of the worst dating tips out there is playing mysterious and hard to get. It’s just plain wrong, partly because men are really bad at seeing the signs of love, and partly because you want to be his girlfriend. If this was a job opportunity, you probably wouldn’t play hard to get either. Here, too, you have to make an effort to get his attention.

Also do forget any text or and telephone nonsens. The stupid rule that you have to wait three days to call him is just asking for failure. If you are interested, do get in touch with him. But also give him some space so you don’t come off as desperate. In the end, if he does not answer at all, then you also know his feelings towards you. But never mind that, at least you didn’t get to waste your time.

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