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How to safely hide your sex toys away

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Does all your expensive sex toys live in an old shoebox under the bed with a handwritten “DON’T LOOK !!!” on the top? And do you live in the constant fear that children or other prying eyes will find your secret hiding place for your sex toys? Here are some tips to help you keep your sex toys safe so that noone will find them.

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Good hiding places for sex toys

If you want to avoid your mother-in-law entering the living while commenting that your new hand cream is a bit on the runny side, then maybe it’s time for you to find a safer place for your lube. Here you’ll find 3 good hiding places for where you can store your sex toys, away from nosy guests and embarrassing scenes. They can all be locked with a key, which of course must also have its own hiding place, preferably in a vase, on the top shelf or in the cupboard, where only you know it’s there.

Hiding place #1 – in a box

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The obvious place is a beauty box with a lock on where you can store your pleasure products, like lube, handcuffs and masks. Googling the internet you can actually find designated sex toy storage. The practical and hygienic storage systems are designed to fit one or more vibrators, or whatever else you want to keep hidden.

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Hiding place #2 – in the bedside table

A bedside table that can be locked is also a good investment. In addition to the really naughty stuff, the bedside table can also hide the spicy lingerie and erotic books. There are many beautiful bedside tables with locks, and if you can not find the right one, then a beautiful, antique chest of drawers would also look pretty in the bedroom.

If you choose this solution, you just have to consider that you may be asked what this drawer actually contains, since you choose to keep it locked. You may want to think of a good answer…

Hiding place #3 – behind the clothes in the closet

But what about a safe like the ones you find in hotels? It can even stay hidden behind the clothes at the back of the closet. If you have the right skills, maybe you can even build a small closet in the back of the bigger one. Here you can fit all the bigger things you want to hide away, like whips and other kinks.

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