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Hosting a Bachelorette Party for a Bride With Kids

When the bride has kids, whether they’re young or older, or if she’s expecting, there are special considerations to take into account during the planning process. The bachelorette party doesn’t have to be any less festive because of it, especially if the bride doesn’t drink alcohol. We’re actually quite a few who can party all night on a glass of apple juice! 😀

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Embrace Creativity and Explore Alternatives

Rather than feeling restricted by the traditional bachelorette party norms, let your imagination run wild and discover alternatives that will delight the bride. And guess what? You can still dance, play silly party games, and chat until the wee hours—even if there’s an extra little guest joining the party.

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Bachelorette Party for an Expectant Bride

If the bride is pregnant, her bachelorette party should be planned to avoid activities that could endanger her unborn child. Instead, consider alternatives. Of course, she shouldn’t be skydiving; opt for something safer, like a ride on a Ferris wheel.

Bachelorette Party for a Bride with a Baby

If the bride has a nursing baby, she might not want to be away from her child for the bachelorette party. Plan a day where the bride can bring her baby along, such as a picnic. Also, consider asking the groom or grandmothers if they can bottle-feed the baby during the event. Schedule breaks so she can pump if necessary.

Bachelorette Party for a Bride with Young Children

If there are young children involved, ensure that childcare is arranged, possibly with the groom or others, even into the next morning. Typically, children who aren’t nursing don’t attend bachelorette parties. If the bride insists on not being away from her child, it’s okay for the organizer to feel a bit disappointed. However, it’s essential to respect her wishes.

Dealing with Guests Bringing Children

If last-minute guests mention bringing their children to the bachelorette party, it’s perfectly acceptable to politely inform them that children aren’t included. The bachelorette party is about the bride, and she should be the focus—not their children.

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