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How do you keep romance alive in the relationship?

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It is essential to keep the passion alive in the relationship! But a loving, harmonious and respectful relationsship does not come by itself. It takes time and effort to keep and maintain the love – but luckily it’s really not that hard. It doesn’t even have to be complicated or expensive to show your loved one how special they are to you.

What is important is to take the time to actually just be together. To have conversations about something else than just what’s on tv and who’s doing the cleaning. In a happy relationship there has to be a longing to always share your hopes and dreams.

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The love, desire and curiosity that you have for each other in the beginning of a new relationship must be cultivated and nurtured in order to last forever. The trick is to date each other as you did when you first met. Maybe you now have other obligations together, with house and children, and with busy careers there maybe not always be time for declaring your love from the rooftops. But less can do the trick too!

Date each other like when you first met

Think back to when you first started dating. The butterflies in the stomach. The desire to see each other, where everything else was pushed aside, only so you could be together. The deep kisses. The packed lunch with the chocolate heart. The extra effort to show the very best side of your personality. The new lingerie. Candlelight dinners. And all the other things which made your heart beat faster.

All that doesn’t have to come to and end just because you are now in a settled relationship. Of course, reality also stops by once in a while, but it costs next to nothing to put a chocolate heart in a packed lunch. It’s completely free to whisper “I love you” in the dark, just before you fall asleep.

Talk to each other, be together and find time for love

Have you lately been suffering from too much reality, then many large quarrels can be nipped in the bud with two large gin & tonics and a long conversation in the sunshine. Make an agreement to always make room for your love and to nurture it. And do feel free to use some of the suggestions here:

Plan a weekly Date Night

If you have difficulty finding time to nurture your relationship, then plan a weekly Date Night, or maybe just once a month. Get a babysitter for the kids, put on the fancy shoes and leave the phone in your purse. Try a new restaurant, go to a concert or go for a drive with the picnic basket in the back seat, as if this was your very first date.

Write the Date Night in the calendar. Once it is written down, nothing can change it. It’s your time together.

Lou Noire - Conversation Cards For Couples - CoverHave a Stay at Home Date Night

If it’s not possible to leave home, turn off the television and unplug the internet. Leave the chores (they won’t go anywhere!) and light the candles. Cook a meal together and catch up on everything that has happened since you last had the time to have a proper conversation.

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Book a weekend getaway

For the relationship a getaway can be a love injection, even for a single night. If you have the time, go on a long, romantic couples vacation. Here, you can escape from the daily routines and everything that takes your attention away from each other. Apart from experiencing something new together it will also give you things to talk about on the cold winter nights back home again.

However, time should not just be spent wandering around seeing all the sights in the city. Also set aside time to enjoy each other and start the holiday off with a couples massage.

Write down what’s in your heart

Do you remember back then when you first met? Where your cheeks blushed just from the notification sound from your phone? Was it a message from him? You can have that feeling back!

There is nothing better than being interrupted by a loving or daring text message from your loved one. If you get into the dirty texts and steming hot photos, remember to place the phone with the screen down while at work… Your colleagues maybe don’t want to see your loved one in that position!

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