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Avoid abrasions on the inner thighs

Do you get a thigh rash as soon as the sun comes out? Unfortunately, summer, high temperatures and short skirts often ends in these red and sore abrasions on the inner thighs. Chafing occur when the sweaty thighs rub against each other. And it is not only women with large, round thighs who suffer from thigh rash, also skinny girls unfortunately suffer from the painful rash. So, all women are welcome to read along here, where you will get a lot of good tips to avoid abrasions.

Why do you get abrasions?

A thigh rash occur when the thin skin on the inner thighs gets irritated. In the summer we tend to shave our legs more often, and the area is often filled with hair stubble which tear the skin. On top of that, bacteria can infect the area and make the problem even worse. Usually, abrasions are most often “only” a skin abrasion, but if you just leave it, the mild redness and irritation can develop into open sores.

5 tips to avoid a thigh rash

If you love to wear dresses and skirts in the summer, here are some good tips to avoid those sweaty thighs and subsequent abrasions. There are more than one solution, so choose the one that suits you best:

1. Slip shorts

The best solution is definitely to prevent the thighs from rubbing against each other at all. You do this with a pair of slip shorts or anti-chafing shorts, which most closely resemble a pair of really big pants. Be sure to choose a model that covers all of your thigh area.

2. Tights + scissors

If you find yourself on a holiday without a pair of slip shorts in your suitcase, a pair of tights can be a handy emergency solution. Buy a pair in a sturdy quality and cut them off just above the knee. They will roll up a little bit, but you can partially avoid that by buying a size larger than usual.

3. Chafing Cream

If it is really hot, or you do not want to walk around the beach wearing anti-chafing shorts, a miracle cream has been invented, which relieves irritated skin. Search the internet for “chafing cream”, “anti-chafing cream” “bikers cream” and “thigh rash care”.

4. The budget solution

If you can’t get your hands on a chafing cream, you probably already have a really good remedy in your house. Based on the idea that both deodorant and cream deodorant work against sweaty armpits, they actually also can work their magic on your sweaty inner thighs! Spray or apply a good layer and dance away into the summer. Remember to pack your deodorant in your bag so you can put on a new layer when it is worn away.

5. Powder or talc

It works for babies with a nappy rash – and it works for you too! Based on the same principle as with your deodorant, talcum powder prevent the thighs from becoming sweaty and rubbing against each other. Only downside is that you get white thighs – and that you also have to apply the white powder continuously.

When the damage is done!

Is your holiday about to be ruined by red and irritated inner thighs that make you whimper with pain with very step you take? The inner thighs should be allowed to heal before you again embark on long walks. Take a day off in the sun chair and insist that you do not go anywhere today, other than out into the sea. A refreshing swim in the salty water helps heal all wounds, and the water cools off the irritated area. If you are not near a beach, cool the area with a wet towel, wrapped in a clean plastic bag. A wet towel placed directly against the skin will only give the bacteria even better growth conditions.

However, the very best solution is, as said, a pair of inner shorts, which prevents you from getting abrasions at all. If the damage has occurred, they are also ingenious in preventing the slight skin abrasion from developing for the worse.

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