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Get the fire back in the relationship

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Has the spark in your relationship disappeared? You may recognize the daily drill:

The alarm goes off. You wake up to yet another Groundhog Day. Eat your breakfast in silence … too bored to even have an argument over whose turn it is to do the grocery shopping later. After work, it’s time for dinner, followed by television, both half asleep. Then it’s time for bed, with a weekly round of half-hearted sex.

There is nothing wrong with the relationship, but everything has just become a dull routine. You both miss the intimacy you used to have. The butterflies in the stomach when you first met. The small things you used to do together. Over the years, it has slowly disappeared and you don’t know how to get it back

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Where did the dreams and the passion go?

In a strong relationship, there must be a will to care for each other and also for the spark that initially made you fall in love. Many divorces could be avoided if the relationship was put on the calendar like other appointments. In fact, there are only a few other things that are more important.

But how do you reach each other again when work, chores and maybe even children have been allowed to fill the relationship? Here are 5 great ideas to get you started on bringing the spark back into the relationship.

5 great ideas to put the spark back in the relationship

1. Do something together

It takes two to tango, but if you are not a dancer, there are many other opportunities to get out of the house and have some new adventures together. You probably already do concerts and movies, but what about a cooking course or a membership to the kayak club? However, a great conversation starter is a walk hand in hand. Here you can talk about your day and enjoy each other and the surroundings.

2. 52 Fun and Romantic Dates for Couples

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Imagine if every day was Valentine’s Day with romantic dates and sweet gifts … Even though you love each other dearly it can, however, be difficult to find the time to date – and also finding new ways to keep the romance going.

But why not bring back the sparkle from when you first met? With the 52 Dating Cards you can rediscover the magic of dating! Are you ready try something new? ♥

The set contains 52 fun, romantic and loving dating ideas for couples and also blank cards, if you want to treat your partner to a special date.

While most dates require no or very little planning ahead, some do. You’ll find suggestions for dates that are a bit pricey, but also lots of ideas for free activities. Buy the fun dating challenge here: 52 fun and romantic dates for couples

3. Remember to spoil each other

Small gifts can also show that you listen to and see each other’s needs. And they do not have to cost a fortune. Maybe it could just be a new umbrella because you forget the last one at a cafe. Or maybe your boyfriend has expressed a disire to see you in dress from time to time. After all, it is something that is completely free, especially if it is already hanging in the closet. If you lack imagination, you will never go completely wrong with chocolate!

4. Go on a couples vacation

Imagine a holiday with your loved one, where you have all the time in the world to sleep in, eat good food, and to have completely undisturbed sex. Even only for a weekend this is essential for the good relationship! If you have children, there may be an obstacle in getting a babysitter, but you should do it as an investment in the relationship. Only then, you’ll have the peace and quiet to talk about your wishes and dreams for the future.

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