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Hauntingly Fun Kids Games for Halloween

Are you ready for some fun games for Halloween? As the chilling winds of October roll in and pumpkins begin to glow with an eerie light, it’s time to gear up for the most haunted holiday of the year: Halloween! While the costumes, candies, and decorations play their part, there’s nothing quite like adding a dash of excitement to the occasion with thrilling kids’ games that capture the spirit of the season.

From mummy races to pumpkin bowling and ghostly freeze dances, these Halloween games are the key to turning a regular gathering into a spine-tinglingly memorable experience for the little ghouls and goblins. So, get ready to create a spellbinding atmosphere that will have kids giggling and gasping with delight as they dive into these hair-raisingly fun activities.

Spooky Kids Games for Halloween

1. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Engage kids with a thrilling scavenger hunt. Hide spooky items like mini pumpkins, plastic spiders, and ghostly figures around your yard or indoors. Provide them with clues to discover the hidden treasures.

2. Mummy Wrap Race

Divide kids into teams and give each team a roll of toilet paper. One child becomes the “mummy” while the others wrap them up like a mummy using the toilet paper. The team that finishes first wins!

3. Ghostly Freeze Dance

Create a spooky playlist and have kids dance to the music. When the music stops, they must freeze like ghosts. Anyone caught moving is out. Last ghost standing wins a spooky prize.

4. Pumpkin Ring Toss

Set up pumpkin-shaped targets and give kids glow-in-the-dark rings to toss. Award points for successfully landing a ring on a pumpkin’s stem. The player with the most points wins.

5. Witch’s Hat Ring Toss

Similar to pumpkin ring toss, use witch’s hats as targets. Kids take turns tossing rings onto the pointy tips of the hats. It’s a bewitching twist on a classic game.

6. Spider Web Obstacle Course

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Create a spider web using yarn or streamers in a hallway or outdoor space. Kids must navigate through the “web” without touching the strings. Time them and see who completes the course the fastest.

7. Halloween Bingo

Halloween Bingo is a fun and spooky game that everyone can enjoy. The game board resembles traditional bingo, except the numbers are replaced with pictures of all things that make Halloween extra eerie and frightening. Get ready for a spine-chilling Halloween! MUHAHAHAAAA… Read more: Halloween Bingo

8. Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin

Put a spooky spin on the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game. Blindfolded kids take turns trying to pin the nose on a large pumpkin cutout.

9. Mummy Bowling

Set up bowling pins decorated as mummies using white tape. Kids use a pumpkin or a mini ghost ball to roll and knock down the mummies. Let them enjoy the ghostly strikes!

10. Monster Freeze Tag

A Halloween twist on freeze tag when the “monster” tags someone, the tagged player becomes frozen like a statue. Other players can unfreeze them by crawling between their legs.

11. Frankenstein Egg Race

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Balance a boiled egg on a spoon held in the mouth. Kids race from one end to another without dropping the egg. To add fun, encourage them to do a “Frankenstein” walk.

12. Halloween Quiz

It’s going to be a spooky Halloween with the fun quiz! Get ready for a bunch of entertaining questions about pumpkins, witches, and monsters – basically, all things Halloween! So, which team gets the most points and wins the quiz? Read more: Halloween Quiz for Kids

13. Witch’s Potion Relay

Set up a relay race where kids carry “witch’s potion” (water) in a spoon while navigating obstacles. The team that completes the relay without spilling their potion wins.

14. Ghost Piñata Bash

Fill a ghost-shaped piñata with Halloween treats and let kids take turns trying to break it open. Embrace the excitement as they eagerly collect the goodies that spill out.

15. Creepy Crawly Limbo

Use a broomstick or a pool noodle as the “limbo stick.” Play spooky music and have kids take turns limboing under the stick while bending backward.

A Halloween to Remember

With these thrilling Halloween games, you’re sure to create a spooktacular atmosphere that keeps kids entertained and laughing throughout the haunted holiday!

Fun Games for the Halloween Party

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