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Trust your instincts!

Do you know how to look out for the warning signs when dating? You have met this wonderful guy who makes your heart beat faster. You are already head over heels in love with him – but you’re still not sure if he has the same feelings for you. Despite all the sweet words he whispers in your ear, there is still something that doesn’t seem quite right.

Why is it, that you can only write to him on Messenger or through the dating site where you met? You actually don’t even have his phone number! And it’s not that you mind cooking, but he’s only ever invited you out once, and that was for a takeaway in his car. You know the warning signs, but will you actually see them for what they really are?

What are the red flags in dating?

He is everything you have ever dreamed of – at least if you only choose to see what you want to see. You daydream of The Big Wedding, but before you get there, try this test to see if everything is as it should be:

Warning signs that should make you run

  • He doesn’t have a profile on any social media
  • He do have a Facebook account but is not able to befriend you because of work issues / his ex-girlfriend is very jealous / it’s just not a good time right now etc.
  • On his profile picture he has his arm around his “female friend”, both smiling lovingly at the other
  • He lives with another woman (However, this could very well be his sister or roommate)
  • You are not allowed to call him – he’ll call you
  • You can’t visit him because of the mess / his landlord doesn’t allow visitors / it’s just not a good time right now etc.
  • On his ring finger there are marks from a ring
  • He is very careful about you not leaving scratch marks on his skin
  • He has scratchmarks on his skin, which you didn’t leave there
  • You are not allowed to hold his hand or kiss him in public
  • You can only see him at night or at other very specific times which he decides
  • You can’t meet his friends or family, because of [insert excuses] / it’s just not a good time right now / do you see where this is going?

Why are they warning signs?

If you have met a man where you can tick several of the boxes on the list, you will have to force yourself to get him out of your head before he makes you really unhappy.

If he does not want to be seen with you in public, if you are not allowed to call him, meet his friends – well, if you have to be a secret, then this is not a relationship. It is more likely that you are about to become the secret mistress, because this guy is already in a relationship!

How to get rid of him

You know – he has to go! Start by deciding that you do not want a secret relationship. Ask him to leave stop contacting you. Delete him on the phone, on social media, on mail, yes, everywhere.

This will for sure be followed by a difficult time where you will miss him like crazy. Still, it is important that you stick to your decision. It is worth all the tears in the world to say no to empty words and promises that are not fulfilled. He’s not good for you, and you’re wasting time. Use it to find a man who will love you and cherish you.

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