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Magical Christmas scenes with the cable cars

DIY Paper Advent Calendar - Cable Car - Lou Noire - Cover

Advent Calendar Cable Car – $5.99

Create a Christmas scene  with the enchanting cable car – filled with gifts and happy children! The cable car is not just a cozy Christmas decoration, as the small gondolas are numbered from 1 – 24. So you can also use it as an advent calendar. Here you can read about how to easily create the finest Christmas scene with the cable cars.

Download and print the cable cars

The cable car comes as a handy PDF file, ready to download and print. You can find it here: DIY Paper Advent Calendar – Cable Car. It’s only $5.99, and with a few simple clicks, you’ll soon have the beautiful Christmas decoration in your email inbox. Note that all products from Lou Noire are digital and come as a digital file to your email.

Afterwards, you’re ready to print. The cable car can be printed on standard copy paper, but you’ll get the best result if you choose slightly more expensive paper. Remember to select “Color” in printer settings and avoid scaling the print. It should be set to 100%. See more printing tips here: Tips for easy printing!

Lav et nisselandskab med svævebane - Lou Noire - Klip skabelonen ud

Cut or trim the template

Now you’re ready to assemble the cable car!

The cable car also needs to be cut out and assembled. Many cozy hours can be spent cutting out – and also studying all the fine motifs. Each gondola has its own unique decoration.

Depending on the tools you prefer to work with, you can now find a good pair of scissors or a cutting mat and paper scalpel. Also, remember a glue stick and string.

Materials for the Christmas scene

Prepare for the Christmas scene by gathering the necessary materials, including the assembled cable car, small elf figures, artificial snow or cotton, and maybe a small mirror that can be the lake.

The Christmas scene  fits nicely on the windowsill, where the cable car’s strings can be stretched out on each side of the window. But otherwise, any other small nooks and corners of the house can also be used.

Create an advent calendar

If you want to create an advent calendar, be sure to put a small gift in the cable car’s gondolas before closing them. The top flap should not be glued but instead closed with a small sticker.

Make sure not to choose too heavy gifts – after all, it’s just paper we’re dealing with! The cute coupon books from Lou Noire will fit nicely. Se them here: Coupon Books from Lou Noire.

Create a Christmas scene

If you just want to give your home an extra dose of Christmas magic, you don’t need to make an advent calendar. The cable car itself is so decorative and festive that you can quickly create the finest Christmas landscape.

If children come by, they will love trying to count how many gifts are in all the small gondolas. Or how many small and large dogs are on their way up to Christmas Mountain. And where is Santa Claus? Let the fun begin!

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