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Who Should Attend a Bachelorette Party?

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One of the big questions when organizing a bachelorette party is who to invite. In the end, the number of guests doesn’t really matter; whether it’s 4 or 25, the main goal is to give the bride-to-be a lovely day with the people she cares about.

It’s a good idea to ask the groom for a list of all the wedding guests, then base your invites on that. Typically, all female guests in the same generation are invited. If you get the wedding guest list from the groom, ask for help identifying the different guests to avoid inviting grandmothers to a risqué party.

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Putting Together a Guest List

The bride may have expressed her preference to see only her closest friends and may have even made a list of who she wants at her bachelorette party. If unsure, gently ask about her preferences. Some brides prefer the entire party to be a surprise, so proceed with caution. In any case, the guest list should be based on what you think the bride will appreciate.

There’s no definitive guest list for a bachelorette party, but it usually includes:

  • Sisters, sisters-in-law, cousins, and other family members
  • New and old friends, both close ones and those you regularly hang out with
  • Colleagues, neighbors, and friends from sports and hobbies
  • Other female wedding attendees, including the partners of the groom’s friends

Who not to Invite?

When considering who not to invite to a bachelor party, it’s important to avoid anyone who may cause tension or discomfort. This includes individuals who may not get along with the bride or have a history of drama within the group.

Are men invited for a bachelorette party?

Some guests may not want to participate, but they should still be invited to avoid tension at the wedding. If the bride has friends of the opposite gender, they can be invited too, but it’s customary for men and women to have separate bachelorette parties.

Once the guest list is finalized, consider creating a private Facebook group where participants can stay updated and share photos that not all wedding guests should see.

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