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Hidden Sights in Copenhagen

There are lots of sights in Copenhagen that tourists never find. In the Scandinavian capital there are many fun and exiting  alternatives to standing with all the other tourists in the neck. So many sights in Copenhagen are never found by tourists, missing the chance to hang out with the locals! Have you already ticked all the boxes for the popular attractions in Copenhagen, then head out with this new list of places that you may not already know and that you just have to see.

8 hidden Attractions in Copenhagen

Forget Tivoli, The Little Mermaid and the National Museum and go on a different sightseeing tour. Here you’ll get lots of tips for hidden and alternative sights – where you’ll for sure meet the locals. This is where they go to find a bit of peace and quiet when the tourists flood the city. There is plenty to see and so many fun things to take in, discovering what Copenhagen is really all about!

Take a boat trip with Havnebussen / The Harbour Bus

Instead of a noisy trip on the Canal Boats, you can also make a deposit to your Travel Card and embark on the yellow Harbor Buses. For the price of a bus ticket you can see Copenhagen from the water front, all the way from Refshaleøen to Teglholmen. There are 9 stops in total, including at the Black Diamond, the Opera and Nyhavn. If you get off at Nordre Toldbod, there are only a few meters to the next attraction:

Kastellet / The Citadel

Let all the other tourists stand on each others toes at The Little Mermaid and instead go for a walk up to Kastellet, which is right next door. The historic fortification is still in use by the Armed Forces, and here you can see both old and new military history at the same time.

Kastellet is also a popular picnic destination – made famous by the Danish song by Magtens Korridorer “Picnic (På Kastellet)”. In English the band is called something like The Corridors of Power with the chorus of the song being, “I’m going for a picnic at The Citadel“. It’s quite catchy and rock’n’roll, and you can listen to it by clicking the link.

Den Kongelige Livgarde / The Royal Life Guards

Lad alle de andre turister strække hals for at se vagtskiftet ved Amalienborg. Der er nemlig et andet sted, hvor du bedre kan se de flotte garder. Den Kongelige Livgarde marcherer kl. 11.30 fra Livgardens Kasserne i Gothersgade 100 ved Rosenborg Slot gennem Københavns gader, hvor de ender ved Amalienborg til vagtskiftet kl. 12:00. Stil dig klar på ruten – eller gå med bag det festlige musikkorps!

Skip the change of the guards at Amalienborg. There is another place where you are able to get a closer look at the beautiful guards. The Royal Life Guards marches at 11.30 from Rosenborg Castle (Address: Gothersgade 100) through the streets of Copenhagen, where they end at Amalienborg for the change of guard at 12:00. Join them on the route and march away to the festive band music!

Landbohøjskolens have / The Garden of the Agricultural College

The Garden of the Agricultural College, Landbohøjskolens Have, was founded in 1858, at the same time as the construction of the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural College. In the beautiful park, visitors come from far away to see the Romantic Garden, decorated in the style of the period with small streams, a rose garden and a medicinal plant garden. Read more about tours here: Landbohøjskolens Have – Tours

Vor Frelsers Kirke / Our Saviour’s Church

Instead of fighting with the other tourists to get a good view at Rundetårn, the Round Tower, then head out to Our Saviour’s Church. At Christianshavn the church stands tall with the beautiful, golden tower. The 400 narrow steps winding themselves around the tower are not for the faint of heart, but the view over Copenhagen’s beautiful roof tops is a nice reward.


And being in this part of town, off course you have to visit Christiania – but instead of just tagging along with the other tourists giggling at the cannabis trade, head towards Refshaleøen. After passing Pusher Street on Christiania, the historic area stretches along the old ramparts, past the Opera and past Holmen – all the way to the food market Reffen and the beach bar at Halvandet.

The old barracks area on Christiania, Dokøen’s (The Docklands) historical buildings and the old industrial area, Refshaleøen, where the shipyard B&W once housed, is still a popular area in all its run down beauty. Click on the various links above to read more about the individual sites.

Flyvergrillen / The Airplane Grill

At the end of Amager Landevej you’ll find, Flyvergrillen, a grill with a purpose: aircraft spotting. Along with other flight enthusiasts, the small platform next to Copenhagen Airport allows you to get the best view at the planes landing and taking off. It’s quite fascinating and as Flyvergrillen serves both beer and sausages, you always tend to stay for longer than planned.

Amager Strandpark / Amager Beach Park

On hot summer days, everyone and his cousin meet up here at Amager Strandpark to go swimming, play sports or go rollerblading. The long beach is also a popular destination for picnics, outdoor movies and concerts. The rebuilt bathhouse Helgoland has gender-segregated wards as well as a shared pool.

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