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About Lou Noire

What makes a woman happy? A question that has puzzled many men – and certainly also the women themselves!

Of course, there are the obvious things like shoes, revenge, and a cleaned kitchen table, but Lou Noire knows that there is much more that can send a shiver down the spine. So, at Lou Noire you can read about the smaller and greater joys of life, with the purpose of bringing happiness to every woman.

Lou Noire herself enjoys life and its multiple possibilities to find pleasure! It is her many experiences, her adventurous travels and the simple joy of life that defines the content of this page. Here you can read about all the things that Lou gives her warmest recommendations.

Recognizing that time is scarce with so many places that Lou Noire would like to see, so many restaurants to be visited and so much clothes to be told about – and at the same time a library job to attend to and books to write – Lou Noire has employed The Editress as the one to get things done. In a close collegial collaboration, which has over time also developed into a warm friendship, Lou brings back news from the big world and the internet, with The Editress writing about the treasures and experiences in the articles you find here.

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Lou is never afraid to try something new and she is at her happiest when life is fun and full of play (and men!). Lou just wants someone to have fun with, so here in the magic universe of Lou Noire you are most welcome to read and leave a comment.

If you have a question that you would like Lou to answer, please send a message to Lou at or via the contact form.