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Fun Decorations and Easy Dress-Up for the Bachelorette Party

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If you need ideas for a bachelorette party, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for decorations, table settings, and fun games! Here’s everything that makes a bachelorette party fun and festive: decorations, and small surprises for the day. If the bride isn’t into crazy costumes, you’ll also find suggestions for fun dress-up with the bride.

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10 Great Ideas for a Bachelorette Party!

Here comes the bride!

If the bride isn’t into crazy costumes, consider giving her a little preview of The Big Day and let her wear a small veil and a huge plastic ring. The bachelorette party is even more fun, if everyone shows up in the same costume when you surprise her on the day.


In geneIf the bride doesn’t mind dressing up and attracting attention, let her be The Belle of The Ball, and dress up as Sandy when you go out for a fun night as The Pink Ladies from Grease.


A Garland with Penises – or Something a Bit More Tasteful!

For a festive bachelorette party, you also need to decorate with balloons and garlands! With the fun bachelorette party garland, you can choose the design yourself and decorate with different garlands. So should the garland just consist of the word “Bachelorette” – or do you want to fill the room with cheerful penis garlands?

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The Red Carpet

Lay a red carpet outside the door when you arrive and surprise the bride-to-be with a movie start theme. Then she’s ready to be escorted out to the waiting Bachelorette Party Limousine.

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Nice and Festive Table Decorations

It doesn’t have to be a pink theme throughout the whole bachelorette party. Break the theme up with gold and confetti, and if the bride isn’t into the color pink at all, go with white instead. Let the table decorations be part of the entertainment, such as the cards in the fun Bachelorette Party Bingo. Or give the bride a bell she can ring when her glass needs refilling.

Penis Straws and Drink Decorations

The delicious cocktails served at the party must of course be decorated with penis straws, flamingos, and umbrellas. Most variety stores like Flying Tiger have drink decorations. Penis straws can be ordered online and only require a Google search.

Lots of Balloons

Decorate for the bachelorette party with balloons of all shapes, but keep them in 2-3 colors. If possible, go for heart-shaped balloons.

Rosé Pong

You may already know Beer Pong, but why not play a game of Rosé Pong at the bachelorette party? All it takes is 12 plastic cups and 3 ping pong balls. Divide into two teams, fill the glasses, and compete to see who can throw the balls into the opponents’ glasses. Rosé wine can also be replaced with Asti or Champagne.


Create a Goodie Bag – for the Bride and the Guests

A cute little bag of goodies always brings joy, both for the bride and the guests at the bachelorette party. Pack a bag with:

  • Painkillers and (blister) plasters
  • A small bag of chips
  • Candy or chewing gum
  • Hand cream and lip balm
  • A card with a secret task to be solved during the day
  • Fun games
  • A mini bottle of champagne
  • Hair ties and hand sanitizer

A Fun Quiz for the Bachelorette Party

Entertainment can also be part of the decoration. Festive indeed is The Big Bachelorette Party Quiz Show, hanging on the wall, waiting with all its fun questions about the bride and everything else related to a wedding. There are 6 categories: “The Bride”, “The Beginning”, “The Groom”, “Bride Starts”, “Traditions”, and “The Couple”. Expect humorous responses from the bride and a cheerful atmosphere throughout the game!

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